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Supporting Born Free Books

We do this because we believe reading is one of life's necessities and we want to help keep as many people reading as possible.

Keeping this community running is unfortunately costly and so we try to cover our costs through small markups on stationery, affiliate income from Amazon referral sales and Corporate Sponsorships.

Please consider supporting us with your next Amazon book purchase by searching for the book you are after and then clicking on the "Buy this for..." button in the right column. We really appreciate all the support we receive and we honestly couldn't do it without you. Thank you!

Born Free Books: The Big Picture

We love books. We collect them. Hoard them even. They line our shelves - sentinels of decor, beacons of good taste and sophistication. We like to imagine a time when we can settle into our favourite armchair and re-read them. It almost never happens.

If you're anything like us, you're sitting on a veritable goldmine of information and adventure; but you've unlocked every ancient treasure and solved every murder mystery. Instead of allowing these assets to collect dust in a shady corner, why not liberate them using this Born Free Books service and community. Don’t worry; they won’t be completely gone as we will add them to your virtual online library where you can enjoy the history of your reading in a beautiful 'coverflow' environment and follow your books as they travel the globe – delighting, enlightening, entertaining and thrilling.

The Big Picture

The illustration above illustrates the process by which all our books are liberated. The idea is pretty simple - register a book, set it free and see where it goes, who it meets, who it inspires or changes. Like a looking glass, the Born Free Books website tracks books all around the world and affords the community a glimpse at its journey.

Every time an action is recorded for your book you will be notified, and the books page will be updated with the relevant information. You'll be able to track the books progress on an interactive map, and you will also be able to read reviews posted about the book by anyone who's read it after you.

The Primary Goals of this Website
  • Promote the value inherent in books and reading
  • Get more people reading
  • Get people involved in a friendly community
The Born Free Books Mapping System

For details on how to register and donate a book, pick one up or set a picked up book free again, please use the links provided.

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