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Supporting Born Free Books

We do this because we believe reading is one of life's necessities and we want to help keep as many people reading as possible.

Keeping this community running is unfortunately costly and so we try to cover our costs through small markups on stationery, affiliate income from Amazon referral sales and Corporate Sponsorships.

Please consider supporting us with your next Amazon book purchase by searching for the book you are after and then clicking on the "Buy this for..." button in the right column. We really appreciate all the support we receive and we honestly couldn't do it without you. Thank you!

Born Free Books: How to Donate

  1. Find your Book

    On the home page, click on the [Drop off a Born Free Book] button and make sure that "A New Book" option is selected.

    Enter the author and/or title or ISBN number in the box provided and click on the [Search] button.

    Login or create a new free profile if you haven't already done so.

    Identify your book from the selection provided by clicking on it. If you can't find your book in the list then you can search again, search a regional Amazon data store or add the book manually.

  2. Add more Info

    In order for us to accurately catalogue and plot your book on a map please tell us a bit more about it - where will you leave it, at what time, how you rate the book and what condition is it in.

  3. Write in the Book

    When you click on the [Finish Registration] button you will be given your book's unique Born Free ID. This must be written on the inside front cover of the book along with the community website address:

    If you have some Born Free Books stationery then consider enticing readers with a bookmark, front cover sticker or book plate to really showcase the journey the book has embarked on.

  4. Set it Free

    Venture out friend, leave it where you told us you were going to, and liberate that book and its readers.

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